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Does my child have difficulty focusing or planning? Is my child having trouble keeping up with assignments or working independently? Has my child lost interest in learning? Is my child is falling behind?

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Our Approach

Kids are often aware of what they cannot do.  We want them to know what they can do. To this end, we offer a practical, results-oriented approach that focuses on your child’s interests. We meet kids where they are and help them develop their confidence. Our goal is to have students define themselves by their strengths, not their weaknesses. 


We have numerous success stories using this approach. Twenty years ago, we began our work together in a multidisciplinary clinic.  At that time, we realized the benefit of collaboration.  Later, when we each worked independently, we continued consulting with each other, to deepen our understanding of learning profiles and strategy development.  CK Curriculum Consultants grew out of this successful relationship built upon professional respect.  

We collaborate with families to promote thinking, creativity, and skill development

Meet The Team


Carol Karp MS, MEd

CCC/Speech – Language Pathologist, Educational Therapist, and Credentialed Teacher


Kristina Pappas PhD 

Clinical Neuropsychologist, Educational Consultant


Our Game Plan

Parents can bring us previous evaluations to review or we can evaluate your child using an integrative approach.  Kristina can perform a complete neuropsychological assessment, and/or Carol can perform a speech and language evaluation. These results will be integrated with your goals/observations, teachers’ comments, and your child’s school experience. With this information, we will create your child’s road map to learning


We don’t follow a set learning program. We draw on our broad experience, evidence-based research, and a creative approach, along with your child’s profile to move them forward. We address both skill development and learning strategies. This is not rote learning; it is an active approach to engagement. Our services include assessment, intervention, and consultation as well as Coaching for Executive Function Development in families. 

Neuropsychological Assessment 

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Do you want to better understand how your child learns? Is there a gap between what your child knows or understands and what he or she can demonstrate in school? Are you curious about the factors that are getting in their way? 

How does your child communicate? What is your child’s communication style? Does your child get joy out of talking to friends and family (social language)? What is your child’s academic language like? 

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Speech and Language Assessment 

Coaching and Executive Function Development

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Executive Functions help us plan, organize, problem-solve, and achieve goals. Similar to language skills, EF skills begin in infancy and are utilized throughout life. Executive functions do not develop within a vacuum; they develop within the context of a family system. 

Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning is crucial to preschool children's development, however, they aren’t born with these skills—they are born with the potential to develop them. Learn how you can provide the support that children need to build Working Memory, Inhibitory Control, and Cognitive Flexibility.

Over the years, Carol and Kristina have become our "go-to" invaluable resource for guidance as we have navigated everything from developmental and academic structure and achievements to secondary school placement. The thoughtful and holistic perspective they are able to uniquely offer is a rare gift for parents of both straightforward and complex learners.

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